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0800 biochemistry lectures

This is for the dVerse Monday quadrille prompt “smudge”. A quadrille is 44 words exactly, and must include the prompt word.

I have tried,
I have tried so hard!
I have drunk coffee,
wiggled my toes
sat in the front row
holding my eyes open…
Only to find myself,
woken at the lecture’s end
with drool and
a smudge of ink on my cheek.

A lot of my poetry is at least semi-autobiographical. This is definitely autobiographical. Despite quite enjoying biochemistry at uni, I did sleep though almost every 8am lecture, no matter how hard I tried to stay awake. And I woke up more than once with my face stuck to my smudged notes. I don’t know what the poor lecturer thought of me sleeping in the front row with my eyes propped open.  


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need, greed or curiosity?

I’m a little late for the dVerse Monday quadrille, but here is my take on Curiosity:

What drives you?
What gets you out of bed,
out the door,
out of your comfort zone?
Is it need?
Or greed?
Or curiosity?
Need got us out of the trees,
greed got us across the seas…
And curiosity?
Curiosity got us to Mars.


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For the dVerse Monday quadrille prompt “What’s in a word?”:
The challenge is to write a quadrille, so that’s exactly 44 words, including the homograph pair (same spelling different meaning) “wound”.


Did you never wonder where my words went?

I wove them into bandages,
and wound them well about me
to dress the wound yours left.

But your words still fester within,
and my own have become a winding sheet
that I tied too tourniquet-tight.


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bothersome quadrille

For the bothersome dVerse Monday quadrille #126 prompt, and with thanks to H_ for scribing for me on the school run this morning:


What a bothersome great fuss,
another morning weekday rush
just to get to school on time
on a day so sweetly fine.
Look, the sky’s so brilliant blue,
Mum, can’t I stay home with you?

Absolutely not my dear,
get your butt outta here!


A quadrille is exactly 44 words, no restrictions otherwise, and must contain the prompt word or a variation, in this case ‘bother’.   


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365 f.p.y

For the dVerse Monday Quadrille prompt: “swift”.
A quadrille is a poem of exactly 44 words, and it must include the prompt word or a variation – otherwise, no constraints.

The days flicker past.

No longer discrete,
they blur together
into an illusion of continuity. Continue reading


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come with me?

For dVerse’s quadrille #122 prompt “going… going… gone poeming” 
The challenge: exactly 44 words, must include the word ‘go’.


I could step into my imagination,
and close the door behind me.

But if you want to,
you can come too.
Just take my hand
and step through…
we can go anywhere you want.

But quickly, close the door,
before they see we’ve gone!


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this third

This is for dVerse’s quadrille prompt: “Let’s embrace”. A quadrille has exactly 44 words, and the prompt requires that it includes the word Embrace.
Embrace made me think of one of my favourite poems, Judith Wright’s Woman to Man, which is about conception and has the line “the third that lay in our embrace”.  We studied this poem at school, and I loved it then, but more so now as an adult and a mother.


For H:


This third that lay in our embrace
now runs ahead in laughing grace.
I’m in her face, you’re in her eyes,
we’re in every cell – our joy, our cries.
And when we’re gone, she’ll hold our trace,
this third that lay in our embrace.



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