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found wanting

Never forget this:
everything is a test –
every word, every look,
each recorded, each graded
against a secret rubric.

Never forget this,
so that when judgement is made
you will not be surprised
you will not be dismayed
to be found wanting.




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success couching

We’ll get us a success coach
to train up our success
he’ll pump us up with slogans
until we are the bestest.
He’ll elevate our excellence
right up to the sky!
And as the gas comes whooshing out
our excellence will fly! Continue reading


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lie back and don’t think of English

This latest “vision statement”
is filling me with anguish –
it’s a crime against coherence,
an assault upon the language: Continue reading


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If I must deal with shit…

Wreathed in the stench ofshit
insincere mission, vision,
and values statements,
the hypocrisy
of auctioned off integrity,
the arrogant self-aggrandisement,
of impact and influence,
that nurtures nothing,
not even self-worth,
I day-dream of… Continue reading


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leadership training

This organisation wants authentic commitmentContinue reading


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Now,  I’ve turned down your emotions,
to prevent future commotions.
And I’ve increased your ambition –
that should help with your condition.
Just one more gentle correction
to your systematic misperceptions…Continue reading

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VIP forum

The drumming of the rain
quiet but relentless
pulls me away Continue reading

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ambition(lessness) and not-the-marshmallow-test

It’s not good enough to be happy,
it’s a deficit to be content.
It’s important to rise to a level where
you can be sad and incompetent.

There is a test that I came across somewhere and I wish I could find a reference for it now. It’s not the delayed gratification marshmallow test, it’s much more interesting. Continue reading

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“I think… I’m rebelling, sir”

Like Kryten, I’ve painted a picture: Continue reading

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pig cf long pig

In the midst of the current irrational panic buying and idiotic hoarding my pig broke into the feedbin and ate 2 weeks worth of food in one go. And I thought she was smarter than humans… Continue reading

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