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Forces By Demons (FBDs)

A follow-up to Friction does not oppose motion, for Shruba and the Twisted Mouse:

Forces by demons,
and by engine elves,
and forces of motion
belong on same shelves. Continue reading


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Friction does not oppose motion!

You can’t, of course
walk or drive, with
no friction force.
Please tell your kith
and tell your kin:
You can’t begin
without friction. Continue reading


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dot or d?

A little bit Sunday afternoon nerdity: 

Newtonian notation
is fine for the neat of hand,
but for those a little messy
Herr Leibniz is our man! Continue reading

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cautionary example

or “mechanical disadvantage”:

Alas poor Spidey, poor Spidey is dead!
She’s hunted her last, and now she is spread
flat as a pancake, behind the door.
She made a mistake, and now she’s no more. Continue reading

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The earth has turned
her arse to the fire – Continue reading

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Faraday’s law

A little bit of Sunday afternoon nerdity inspired by the twisted mouse’s EMI: Continue reading


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endless pursuit


In response to Eugi’s weekly prompt “night meets day“:

Night chases day
and day chases night
in endless circles about the Earth – Continue reading


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F=ma (is over-rated)

Newton’s second
is all they know – Continue reading

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