Tonomura tango

For the dVerse prompt “This one’s for you Bjorn“, set by Lilian in honour of Bjorn who is a (fellow) physicist, and requiring the use of a line from ABBA’s “dancing queen”.

So, here is a little nerdity for Bjorn:


Each double slit’s a sliding door,
to a strand within the multiverse, or…
Can’t decide, and no one’s looking?
Go through both, you’ll have them cooking,
up a theory on how you danced
through those doors – by choice or chance?
Do you expose a God’s immorality
with your fluttering waves of probability?
We’ve counters, film and CCD,
you think we’re blind, but you’ve been seen –
though you’re a teaser, you turn em on,
you sneaky little el-ec-tron.


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31 responses to “Tonomura tango

  1. Ain Starlingsson, forestbathing hermit

    Haha! what a great ending! That was a very clever poem indeed.

    • Thank you Ain.
      I really enjoyed yours, and wanted to leave a comment but it seemed to want me to register. What I wanted to say is: what an amazing story! Thank you for sharing it.

      • Ain Starlingsson, forestbathing hermit

        Thank you very much —am so sorry about the hassles with my site.

        • It’s probably just me – I tend to close a site as soon as it wants me to register or put in an email address. But I wanted you to know how much I’ve been enjoying your poems, especially that one.

        • Ain Starlingsson, forestbathing hermit

          Thank you very much — sincerely…I totally agree with you, have been hunting around for a blogsite I can use that is easy…but not wordpress ungortunately, and not keen n apologies and thanks again for the kind words.

  2. LOL, a super bit of fun!

  3. Lots of fun, though I didn’t understand most of it! I liked the ending 🙂

    • Thanks Ingrid. 🙂
      If you want to know more, google the Tonomura experiment – it’s a single electron interference experiment which demonstrates that one electron (in some sense) passes through two slits at once. Send enough through and you get an interference pattern. But if you use a detector to see which slit the electrons went through, you don’t get the interference pattern – because then they’ve only gone through one.
      It’s generally considered the most beautiful experiment in physics, and shows that Einstein was wrong and God does play dice.

  4. Fun word play with a fun ending. Has fun energy.

  5. Ha ha ha! I’ve always got time for a bit of nerd humour. Nice one, Kate! 😊

  6. through any window
    you must winnow and fame
    first of the month
    word meaning ten but is actually twelve
    too late for this year to delve eh?

  7. Fine work, very fine Kate!

  8. sanaarizvi

    I absolutely love this! Stellar writing here, Kate 😀

  9. Beautifully written 😊🤗 with nice ending. Thanks 🎉

  10. writingwhatnots

    This sounds so clever and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it (which just goes to show you can enjoy something without necessarily understanding it!)

  11. Ha.. so funny… and you can never tell which way the electron went

  12. Ah, the humorous bonds of science. I love it.

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