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yet more Sunday morning ha’ sonnets

The dawn chorus begins…

Magpie song flows
a clear, bright stream Continue reading


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Fantastic Mr Fox?

Blood flows, feathers fly,dead_chooks
on the ground their bodies lie.
Reynard has come by. Continue reading


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At my feet,eagle
an eviscerated hen,
sans head,
intestines spilling out.

Circling above,
breaking the silence,
a fledgling wedgetail
calls to be fed.

This is why my hens are in protective custody. There is a breeding pair of wedgetail eagles nesting just over the ridge…    

Thanks to FV for the trigger to write this – turquoise eternity.    

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protective custody

behind concrete and dog wire,
the hens are in
protective custody.

even their view of the sky
is impeded, criss-crossed and
filtered by mesh.

Safe from the silhouette against blue
wheeling above them,
an incarnation of freedom
and death.


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