like a duck to…

Poor little sad confuséd duck,
born to quack but taught to cluck.
your adoptive mother, a broody hen,
never taught you to swim, and then,
taken roughly from the flock,
the humans stand, and point and mock
as you flap and panic in the drink,
wildly fearing that you will sink
and shuffle off this mortal globe,
my poor little ducky hydrophobe.


We decided the ducks, who think they’re chickens, needed a wash.  They were coated in muddy muck from the chicken coop after lots of wet weather – Werribee (pictured) was living up to his name. So we threw them in the dam, much to their horror and outrage.  Then one of the kids fell in too…   It’s been a good day.  😀 


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19 responses to “like a duck to…

  1. an interesting story. the rhymes worked so well

  2. 😂😂. Love it. What a story!!

  3. writingwhatnots

    I so enjoyed these, the poem and your story. Thank you Kate.😊

  4. Nurture wins out again. (K)

  5. teal in it s zeal
    flappin mad cap wings
    is it s thing

  6. Poor little sad confused duck, indeed.
    It thinks it a hen?! Oh my!
    Treat her well.
    Your articles are so cute. I wish you many more good days and lots of miracles, KW. ♥️

  7. Wonderfully fun and funny, Kate! Did the chickens fear they were next?

  8. Fun poem and story. Certainly sounds like it was eventful!

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