yet more Sunday morning ha’ sonnets

The dawn chorus begins…

Magpie song flows
a clear, bright stream
winding, it goes
twisting through dreams.
Awash in sleep,
I ride a deep
river of song


Then cockatoo
adds in his screech.
Is the night through…?
More sleep in reach…?
Pillow on head,
dreams not yet shed
drifting away…

and then

cackles discord –
with his hurrah
all dreams are poured
right down the sink.
“Bugger!” I think
“time to get up!”

and off to the Goulburn poultry auction this morning! I hope to get some (quiet) chooks to replace those killed by Mr Fox.  


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5 responses to “yet more Sunday morning ha’ sonnets

  1. To awaken to birdsong, ah what a treat! The buzz of my alarm should sound so sweet! Wonderful ha’sonnet string, Kate!

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