Which Kate Wilson is this?

There are many Kate Wilsons.

This wordpress site belongs to Kate F Wilson; (lapsed) physicist, author and academic located in Canberra, Australia.

About me:


I am a senior lecturer in the School of Engineering and Information Technology  (SEIT)  at UNSW Canberra, and a memebr of the Learning and Teaching Group (LTG). I teach engineering mechanice (previously two courses – Statics and Dynamics) in SEIT, and the Graduate Teaching Training Program (GTTP) and Foundations of University Learning and Teaching (FULT) in LTG. The GTTP is for post graduate students and post docs and is face to face, FULT is for new academic staff and is mixed mode.

Apart from teaching, I do research in Physics Education and in student experience. You can view my research profile here. Recently I’ve been working with a colleague, David Low, on gender differences in physics testing. You can have a look at our Physical Review paper if you’re interested in this area. We’re hoping to get teachers and academics to pay more attention to how they assess to reduce gender gaps.

I also write textbooks. So far I’ve coauthored a first year university physics text, plus the second edition of that text, and a year 12 textbook for the Australian physics curriculum. I’m currently working on a year 11 textbook for the NSW physics curriculum.


I live outside Canberra with my family, on a large acreage. We keep chickens and ducks, and have a beehive. We are expecting a piglet soon, from one of our kind neighbours.  We have vegetable gardens, and the kids have flower gardens. We try to be environmentally friendly, and we recycle as much as we can, have solar panels, and the house is strawbale so we have minimal heating and no airconditioning.

I play the clarinet, and one of my sons plays the trumpet. We enjoy playing music together, especially classical and jazz.

I also dabble in fiction and sold my first short story a few years ago, Tractor Time. I’m hoping to find time to write more fiction, but textbooks keep getting in the way.


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