leadership training VI

The last leadership training session was this week, so here’s the (w)rap-up to the series (sing along with me):

I don’t need your SCARF
wrapped around my neck.
Don’t kill no fattened calf
cos I ain’t at your beck.
You wanna know my lever?
Wanna ‘fluence me?
Well you just ain’t that clever!
There’s no discretion’ry.
No effort I’m gonna give
to you from my own time.
Cos I just wanna live
and why is that a crime?
Don’t want no platitudes,
I’m getting out of here,
won’t change my attitude
‘cos I ain’t got no fear.
And you can give up hope,
that I’ll be coming back
I ain’t there in your DOPE,
and I ain’t makin’ tracks.
Cos’ I’m up flyin’ round
you in your poultry yard,
I’m makin’ my own sound
while all you chooks work hard.
You wanna’ know my bird?
Well I’ll tell you brother,
that’s my laugh you heard –
Cos’ I’m the kookaburra!



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3 responses to “leadership training VI

  1. Laugh, kookaburra, laugh! I am! 😄

  2. Gotta laugh…. even if it’s maniacally.
    Did you get SCARF? My levers came up as FARCS, which I found quite pleasing.

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