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small hours II

on the wrong side of the morning
spores of worry grow
their mycelium spreading,
enmeshing every cell
but my heart stays sluggish,
beta-blockers in control
is this really better living through chemistry?
the oximeter flashes low –
which will suffocate first,
me or the fear?


This was actually written before small hours, but I decided it was a bit dark for the prompt and rewrote it into the other one. Then decided to post this anyway…  After a bunch of cardiology tests lately I got the diagnosis “one of those things at your age” and have been put on beta-blockers which are sort of helping. Sort of.    


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rabbit food

dVerse is back! Yay! Here is my quadrille for Monday’s “let’s celebrate” quadrille prompt.


No alcohol, no curries,
or it kicks me in its sleep.
No coffee, no tonic-water or
it races, stumbles in a heap.
I’m trying to take care
of this rabbit in my chest –
no champagne for me,
a celebratory carrot is the best.


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two strong hearts

For DJL:

I am distracted as I wait
choosing sunset-coloured pansies,
and when you greet me
my heart thumps
like a rabbit in my chest.
And there you are at last –
smiling with your heart racing
like that of a frightened bird.
For how many years now
have you fondly mocked
my choice of decaf?
But today you order two,
and it is my turn to mock,
as we exchange our tales
of high blood pressure and PVCs,
of dizzy spells and fatigue,
GPs, cardiologist and ECGs.
Two strong hearts, you say,
and of course I agree –
we may both be drinking decaf,
but at least it’s still full-cream.


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