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Invoking the priestess…

…or joining the blue-rinse set?

In response to Eugi’s weekly prompt “mystical“:  


the unwanted,
but unavoidable,
journey must occur.

The green around me
and the blue above me
will be left behind for
the five days of
concrete-grey obeisance
that I must make.

So tonight I trace blue
– sky, water –
and green
– leaves, trees –
into my hair
as an invocation,
as an insignia
of otherness.

In front of the mirror,
the streaks of blue and green
replacing the white within the brown,
I wonder –
is this mystical
or merely misguided?

Am I invoking the priestess
or joining the blue-rinse set?


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home, sweet home

In response to Eugi’s weekly prompt, “home, sweet home”:  

Kick off your shoes,
hang up your coat.
and take off the face
that you’ve worn today
to meet all the
faces you’ve met.

Breathe out
the day’s disappointments.

Breathe in
the sweet smell of home.


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working week

A “Saturnica”, inspired by the very creative BoardFlak:

Monday Continue reading


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leadership training VI

The last leadership training session was this week, so here’s the (w)rap-up to the series (sing along with me):

I don’t need your SCARF
wrapped around my neck. Continue reading


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leadership training V

This week’s leadership training session was all about how to manipulate – sorry, influence – people by finding their levers, so they are attached to you and the organisation with ‘authentic commitment’. Which of course brought to mind the book of Job, which begins “There was a man in the land of Uz…”. How could I resist such a temptation….

There was an Institution in the land of Oz,
And that Institution had a Job. Continue reading


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leadership training III

Today’s lesson, from the revelations of Kate of  XXXX, chapter 3:

The great beast ascendeth,
the seven-headed dragon
with its ten working groups, Continue reading


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ping… aaargh!

There is no face-mask for the brain,
no analgesic for this pain,
no way to keep at bay
the assaults of every day.
I try to isolate my mind,
from infection of this kind –
but each axis-of-idiocy hit,
fills my inbox with more shit.


This is the way the world ends, not with a bang, but with a ping… Time to turn the laptop off and go outside! 


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morning commute

Frost coated fields
in glittering white
give way
to the dull grey
of the city,
huddled beneath
its brown winter cloak.



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going home / evening commute

The censored commentary of the cardax
pursues me from the closing door
as, head down, I make my way
between towering blocks of grey. Continue reading

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