what I wanted to say…

…in my Friday and weekend emails and “chats” to the 10% of my colleagues who cause 90% of the problems because they either ignore the grade submission deadline, discover they don’t know how to use the system until after the deadline and expect help on the weekend, or are just too bloody ODD to do anything properly and on time without having to be asked five times and then argue about it:  


I’m the parent that’s less fun

(the one that makes you brush your teeth)

I’m the teacher that’s more mean

(the one that won’t let you in the lab barefoot)

I’m the director that sends the angry emails

(the one that makes sure marks come in)


Or here’s another way of looking at it,

I’m the one that:

keeps the kids healthy,

the students safe,

and makes sure the system works.


Did you ever think that maybe I get tired of

     being the grown up?

     being the responsible one?

     being the bad guy?

and would like to not give a shit about

dental costs,

legal liability and




Did you ever stop to think that if you






then I won’t have to be the bad guy?


Let’s do the experiment and see what happens.



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12 responses to “what I wanted to say…

  1. 🤣 The obvious frustration in this made me chuckle.
    Seem like the folk in your lab to me
    may have had a frontal lobotomy!

  2. hop to it
    loo la
    dee dah
    well done
    and that aint no fun
    is it?

  3. Amen. People always forget there is another side.

  4. M

    hear, hear, from here. ~

  5. Sounds like my experience last year working for local government. What an eye opener!

    • Doesn’t bear thinking about… can’t be worse than our local council though. They sent a debt collector to our door to threaten us for non-payment of fees because… they’d been sending creek enclosure fee notices to the wrong address for 3 years!!! Rather than the one with the creek, where we live.
      And the creek isn’t enclosed.

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