facing the panel

For the dVerse quadrille prompt “stand”:

My mistake, I stand corrected…
Well, no, not stand,
I sit dejected.
In fact, I’m prone,
as I’m being vivisected.

Go on, use your scalpel,
dig in deep with that probe,
see what you unravel.
Am I role model or martyr?
Or cautionary example?

A quadrille is exactly 44 words, and it must include the prompt word or a variation thereon, in this case “stand”. 


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33 responses to “facing the panel

  1. writingwhatnots

    Great use of the prompt – love your rhymes in this (not an easy thing to do in a quadrille).

  2. this is fantastic, but I can’t answer the question without further information 😉


  3. Lol wow what a. Interesting quadrille. I love the playfulness of stand sit prone, and was shocked by the dissection. Or maybe it’s an autopsy?

    • Thank you 🙂 It was about facing a promotion panel. We have a system with up-or-out contracts, a promotion process that literally takes weeks to prepare for and requires many pages of documentation, and then you face the panel, which feels like a vivisection. Hmmm… actually that works better than dissection. Just going to change that… 😀

  4. Brilliant. I feel the panel’s eyes!!! Interrogation. Trial by eyeball.

  5. i told the truth
    now what a lie
    and here is why
    cos my mommy told me too
    such a ghett
    and yet a mommys buoy

  6. This is splendid, Kate! The rhymes, the imagery…everything.

  7. That was a fun ride … though terrifying

  8. I like the medical framework you use for an unhealthy dialogue (or monologue aimed at someone.) I also love the fluidity of its seamless rhyming scheme. Excellent!

  9. I’m guessing role model!!!!!

  10. I love the progression of this, especially “In fact, I’m prone,
    as I’m being vivisected.”

  11. This is great! Love vivisection imagery

  12. Okay, maybe my suggestion to sing your last poem to your class was a bad idea. 😁 But on the bright side, you got another great poem! (Yes, I know. I read the other comments. Not related. But I couldn’t help myself.) Well done, Kate!

  13. I thought the pairing of “stand corrected” and “sit dejected” was such an interesting lead into the poem. How true that can be! A panel of judgement would be very intimidating…to me, anyway.

  14. This sounds like a particularly nasty interview scenario to me!

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