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night songs

In response to Eugi’s weekly prompt, “Cosmos“:

The fence hums, the frogs sing
and across the hills
an owl calls for company –
and is answered.

My breath merges with the wind
softly stirring the leaves,
and my feet provide a back-beat
as I climb the hill –

to where the milk in the sky flows,
a bright river above me,
pulling me upwards,
to drown in its silent symphony.


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fence song, frog song

The fence is singing,
each strand giving,
its reply to the wind.
It hums in harmony
to the frog-song rising,
rejoicing, from the dam.

In the right conditions, our fence sings in the wind. The top two strands are barbed wire, so the resonance is damped, but the lower four strands vibrate and resonate in the wind, and each produces a distinct frequency, but you have to lean close to hear it.  On a windy evening the fence sings harmony to the melody of the frogs. 

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