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thank you for cleaning the bathroom sink

For the dVerse Valentine’s day prompt “come and state it plainly“, and for D.  

I don’t love you every day.
You know as well I do
that if I said so I would be lying.
There are days when the irritation
from brushing against each other
day after day
year after year
is like contact dermatitis,
that is never allowed to heal
but just gets more annoying,
until I have to scratch it.
But this constant abrasion
has carved us into shapes
that fit together.
Most days.



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windowsill / work-life balance?

Nick’s post Roud’s ‘English Year’ prompted me to look at my own window sill, which made me realise just how much work has invaded my personal space this year. Here is my list, not as interesting as Nick’s, but it pretty much sums up my year.    Continue reading


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home, sweet home

In response to Eugi’s weekly prompt, “home, sweet home”:  

Kick off your shoes,
hang up your coat.
and take off the face
that you’ve worn today
to meet all the
faces you’ve met.

Breathe out
the day’s disappointments.

Breathe in
the sweet smell of home.


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