windowsill / work-life balance?

Nick’s post Roud’s ‘English Year’ prompted me to look at my own window sill, which made me realise just how much work has invaded my personal space this year. Here is my list, not as interesting as Nick’s, but it pretty much sums up my year.   

November 2020 (the year of the invasion):
an empty cherry box,
a notebook with TO DO lists largely done,
Engineering Mechanics (well thumbed) vol 1 13th Edition, vol 2, 11th,
a 2016 diary, empty but for pressed four-leaf clovers,
a desiccated toast crust,
a note-book still in shrink-wrap, bound in a ribbon with pink hearts,
tiger balm, thumb-drives, hard-drives, a car manual,
an AV cable with a large toffee-coloured ribbon bow,
tissues, dictionary, Field’s 1954 Growing Bulbs in the House (“with many fine line drawings and some photographs”)
Kirkup’s Uncertainty in Measurement (a warning inside “This book belongs in the lab. Kate will hunt you down if you take it.”)
spoons, pencils, a purple pen
no dust


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3 responses to “windowsill / work-life balance?

  1. Ace!
    Particularly enjoying a desiccated toast crust!
    Mmm xo

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