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“use your morning commute time for self-care”

Muttado’s ha’sonnet “an opening” reminded me of this poem I wrote one morning some months ago. Early on in the pandemic when we were told to work from home, and everyone was very stressed, we were given the advice to “use your morning commute time for self-care”…. yeah, that worked.

Dragged untimely
from my womb-warm tub,
by the phone’s persistence,
the phone’s insistence, Continue reading


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morning commute

Frost coated fields
in glittering white
give way
to the dull grey
of the city,
huddled beneath
its brown winter cloak.



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morning haiku I

The windchime clatters,
thunder growls around the house –
winter come prowling.

The morning commute:
(hooray for isolation!)
bring laptop to bed.

Thanks Vixen of Verse, for the inspiration!   


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The lane ends,
the traffic stops.
And I see:
Perfect, glossy yellow,
rising from the
damp dark green.

I could get out,
and sit with the buttercups
and watch the cars pass.

But the traffic moves,
and before the thought
can become the act,
I am following again.

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