walk of shame

Naughty wombat
been up all night,
look where you’re at
in broad daylight!
You’ve none to blame.
This walk of shame
is all your fault.



Wombats are nocturnal, so I was surprised to see this one crossing the road at about 0800 recently. I think it must have been visiting at the nearby wombat sanctuary.


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10 responses to “walk of shame

  1. 🤣. Tsk tsk. Clearly still in last night’s clothing!

  2. We had a wombat on our property who would do the same thing. Wombats, those party all night bad boys 🤣

  3. The morning came too soon for the Wombat. Probably an all-girls night out. Girls just wanna have fun.
    Hope she made it home after everyone was asleep. (You did say Wombats are nocturnal. I take my cue from you as au don’t know Wombats).
    But that sun is glorious. Golden! What fun.
    Thanks for sharing.

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