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morning commute II

A somewhat late response to the dVerse Tuesday prompt Blue Tuesday”. Work’s been busy lately, lots of deadlines looming, lots of meetings, lots of things to “operationalize” (how do you do a vomiting emoji in WordPress???)…  So I’m hiding in my office with the door closed and the light off, typing as quietly as I can to preserve a bit of the blue sky of home before I have to actualize somebody’s roadmap or elevate some excellence.  But Teams just pinged me a “join meeting” so this will have to do:

I have come down from the hills,
where spider webs glitter with frost,
where currawongs call greetings,
where kangaroos nod as I pass,
and where the sky is saturated with blue,
a blue that pours down, over me,
into me, filling and overflowing. Continue reading


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