flood moon; toad; morning commute, still

The Tuesday dVerse prompt this week was “flipping meanings“:

Flood moon

The round orb,
washed white by rain,
floats high in the stream.
It is a record
of what has been.
It asks a question
about what was lost.

Bushfire Moon (April 2020)

A thin crescent,
bloodied by smoke,
hangs low above the ridge.
This is not a portent
of things to come.
It is a statement,
of what is here.

Elementals III: toad

Without a murmur
the water closes behind
the mud-black blob, rising
glabrous body flopping.
A mugshot of the murk.

Elementals I: cockatoo (June 2020)

With a shriek
the sky splinters,
a dawn-white shard falls,
sulphur crest rising
like a glimpse of sun

morning commute, still

Oil slicked concrete
subtly rainbowed
has taken the place
of the fresh green
fields and hills,
spread wide, reaching up
to a clean blue sky.

Morning commute (July 2020)

Frost coated fields
in glittering white
give way
to the dull grey
of the city
huddled beneath
its brown winter cloak


There was a wonderful video of “the opposites game” with the dVaerse prompt – an animation of a narrative poem about a class of children turning a line from Emily Dickinson into its opposite word by word.  Playing with this, I found that sometimes the meaning is reversed, sometimes it remains the same, because flipping “is X” to “is not Y” doesn’t change the meaning where Y is the opposite of X, and often it just doesn’t make sense if you’re too literal.  You can see examples of reversal of meaning and meaning retained in my attempts above. 


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17 responses to “flood moon; toad; morning commute, still

  1. Interesting take, and well worked. I enjoyed very much how you played them out. 🐸

  2. Really lovely images in both originals and opposites, Kate.
    Flippin’ interestin’

  3. :::applause::: You’ve nailed it, Kate. More than that, you have a wonderful knack for it!

  4. Awesome. I agree with nickreeves.

  5. Well done! I attempted this and was never happy with the outcome.

    • It’s really tricky to balance being too literal/precisely negative with generating gibberish. I had a few false starts before deciding I just needed to be less exact – not easy for a pedantic physicist. 😀

  6. I most especially love the two on the moon. Both are truly beautiful.

  7. Cara Hartley

    The alternate universe images of the originals are amazing!
    ~cie from poetry of the netherworld~

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