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counting my sweetpeas

A follow up to “I’ll count my sweetpeas”  😦   I didn’t need to wait for them to blossom, it wasn’t the possums this time, or a rabbit or wallaby…


I counted my sweetpeas, it didn’t take long,
I counted my sweetpeas, I counted to one…
That’s all that was left, after the throng,
of vermin outside had all had their fun.

Two dozen planted, and only one left!
Two dozen planted, all dug up and et…
I’m feeling annoyed, I’m feeling bereft,
but I’m not feeling beaten, at least not yet.

I’ve got back online, and ordered more seeds
I’ve got back online, and now perhaps,
I’d better get something else for my needs –
I’m clicking buy now on a pack of mouse traps!


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Using the classic editor in WordPress without installing an add-in

I know I’m not the only one who prefers the classic editor to the block editor. Here is how to get to it still – thanks Darren!


WordPress’s interface is a bit of a moving target. As of now — April 2021 — they seem to have made it a little harder to get at the classic editor, which is a shame because it is a lot easier to use than any of the editors that have come since. The newer ones hide useful tools behind menus that appear and disappear, create a lot of extra cruft in the underlying HTML and are generally less flexible and straightforward. I assume it is a tactic to push people into paid plans. Every time I google ‘get back the classic editor in wordpress’ (or similar) I get directed to an add-in that I can only use of I have a paid plan.

You can’t blame a business for wanting to make money, I guess.

Anyway, as of now, you can still do this:

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