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fair is a four letter word

For the dVerse Monday quadrille (poem in 44 words exactly) prompt “let’s go to the fair” (include the word fair): 


“It’s not fair, I’m not tired yet!”
“It’s not fair, vegetables are disgusting!”
“It’s not fair, showers are boring!”
“It’s not fair, everyone else has that game!”

“Why are you so unfair?” 

From the mouth of a child,
fair is a four letter word.


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night walk

I walk away from my shadow,
trying to leave it behind,
along with this day –
this day that has drained me.
But it follows me up the hill,
and lingers with me at the gate.
Until, as inevitably as tomorrow,
I follow it home.


Written for the dVerse quadrille prompt, “let’s linger“.  44 words, including the word linger.  

I didn’t think I was going to respond to this one – too big a day at work, it was almost 8pm before I could finally switch off.  But, a walk outside in the bright moonlight – full moon tonight – and I feel refreshed. Shame I now need to go to sleep so I can face another day tomorrow…  ‘night all. Stay safe.  


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a clover for Worms

This is for Worms, and for the dVerse novelinee challenge:

Sometimes among the green, something… stands out,
an imperfection, something that’s not right,
an extra leaf that bends the shape about.
That symmetry – it catches at my sight…
And here it is, four lobes instead of three.
Whatever luck it holds, I give to you, Continue reading


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Caroline Springs

For the dVerse prompt “outside looking in”, a partly imagined, partly remembered impression of the houses of Caroline Springs:

If you lived here,
you’d be home now.
In an infinite purgatory
of tarmac and dead grass,
unbroken and uninteresting,
from horizon to horizon. Continue reading


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facing the panel

For the dVerse quadrille prompt “stand”:

My mistake, I stand corrected…
Well, no, not stand,
I sit dejected.
In fact, I’m prone,
as I’m being vivisected.

Go on, use your scalpel,
dig in deep with that probe,
see what you unravel.
Am I role model or martyr?
Or cautionary example?

A quadrille is exactly 44 words, and it must include the prompt word or a variation thereon, in this case “stand”. 


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friction does not oppose motion – seriously, it doesn’t.

with apologies to Gordon Sumner….: 

Every move you make,
Every step you take,
Every game you play,
Unless still you stay,
Friction’s moving you.

Oh can’t you see,
That your free bodeeeee…
Diagram is wro-oong,
That’s why I sing this so-oooong…. Continue reading


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mum’s hairdressing salon

This is one I wrote shortly before I started keeping a blog, and never got around to posting. It’s not “live”, but I’m linking to dVerse OLN because it is a snippet of life out here, from that burning summer just before covid.

You, put the chair on the porch
You, get the big scissors
Okay, who’s first…
Oh come on…

Right, you! Sit!
(snip snip snip)
light brown hair drifts down
You’re fine, stop complaining –
anyway, that’s what happens when you fidget.
You – go get a bandaid! Continue reading


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counting my sweetpeas

A follow up to “I’ll count my sweetpeas”  😦   I didn’t need to wait for them to blossom, it wasn’t the possums this time, or a rabbit or wallaby…


I counted my sweetpeas, it didn’t take long,
I counted my sweetpeas, I counted to one…
That’s all that was left, after the throng,
of vermin outside had all had their fun.

Two dozen planted, and only one left!
Two dozen planted, all dug up and et…
I’m feeling annoyed, I’m feeling bereft,
but I’m not feeling beaten, at least not yet.

I’ve got back online, and ordered more seeds
I’ve got back online, and now perhaps,
I’d better get something else for my needs –
I’m clicking buy now on a pack of mouse traps!


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Using the classic editor in WordPress without installing an add-in

I know I’m not the only one who prefers the classic editor to the block editor. Here is how to get to it still – thanks Darren!


WordPress’s interface is a bit of a moving target. As of now — April 2021 — they seem to have made it a little harder to get at the classic editor, which is a shame because it is a lot easier to use than any of the editors that have come since. The newer ones hide useful tools behind menus that appear and disappear, create a lot of extra cruft in the underlying HTML and are generally less flexible and straightforward. I assume it is a tactic to push people into paid plans. Every time I google ‘get back the classic editor in wordpress’ (or similar) I get directed to an add-in that I can only use of I have a paid plan.

You can’t blame a business for wanting to make money, I guess.

Anyway, as of now, you can still do this:

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