looking up

For the dVerse haibun Monday prompt “Look up”: 


The alarm goes off at midnight, its tune dragging me from a dream of… something… something lost as I fumble to swipe the alarm off, clumsy thumbs taking multiple attempts.
Bundled in dressing gowns, coats and blankets we follow our torch beams up the winding dirt driveway. This path has become a ravine in the darkness. Black walls of eucalypts rise to either side, while the milky-way flows glittering above us – a river seen from below.
We come out onto the road, and the sky opens now – its jet-black star-specked canopy carrying the frozen river of stars, pouring east to west around dark island-nebulae.

Lying on our backs,
cold rises into us as
we count falling stars.


There was a triple meteor shower visible here on Saturday.  I’m not usually much of an astronomy fan, but I do like meteor showers. It was bloody cold though!  


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18 responses to “looking up

  1. Fabulous! I love the river of stars! I knew about the meteor shower but forgot to go out.

  2. Heavenly! The dynamic between “light and dark” and “warmth and cold” came through.

  3. At least it was too cold for mossies!

  4. I got a chill just reading! Love the details in this! 🌠

  5. I knew there was a meteor shower this weekend though I didn’t see it. I love the river of stars you see! Wonderful descriptions!

  6. Very descriptive and lyrical. I loved how this haibun flowed, the writing bringing to life every detail.

  7. It feels like one of those experiences where you aren’t sure if you’re dreaming or it’s really happening. So beautiful!

  8. It was too cloudy here to see the meteor shower but through your words you took me right into the event. Good for you getting up in the night to look! 😀

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