words falling, like petals

for d’Verse haibun Monday,  “cherry blossom“:

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. It’s not like I was dangerously ill. I didn’t end up in hospital or on a ventilator or anything like that. I was only really sick for maybe a week, and now this lingering malaise. Like being invisibly weighted about the shoulders and ankles, and drained of energy and enthusiasm for… well, anything.

So I have given myself permission to not try too hard for a while. This is a new thing, and sits uneasily. I tell myself that my mind needs rest just like my body does, and I hope that it’s true. Because I keep expecting to get bored, to feel the urge to do something, to write something. But I don’t. So I’m working shorter hours, no evening walks, no writing. Walks tire me too much, leave me coughing and exhausted. Worse than this, words escape me. Phrases fall apart before they reach the page, scraps of white-noise with no meaning, like cherry blossoms in the wind.


my words come apart,

confetti-petals falling

in drifts at my feet


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26 responses to “words falling, like petals

  1. VJ

    Oh Kate, being struck by illness forces a pause neither expected or appreciated. Sounds like you are listening to the wisdom of your body. Take care.

  2. I sympathise!! I haven’t had covid yet. But your des ription reminds me of chemo. It will pass. Sorry you’re so glum. 😦

  3. Ouch. It’s awful you had to go through that. I hope you start feeling more your old self soon. You must be moving that way to create the haibun. 🙂Take care, Kate.

  4. rest well
    do tell
    cos my dear
    you are the best you
    only one
    i the son
    felt that way too
    two years ago
    rain cold
    and mold
    of now despised covid 19~

  5. Oh no! A white noise wordsmith wipeout. Hope you are soon back on top form. 💖

  6. Wishing you increased strength and healing. Well done.

  7. Sometimes our best words appear in our weakest moments. Rest, there is no hurry.

  8. I hope you recover soundly–and soon! You evoke the feeling of illness eloquently. I love how you incorporated cherry blossoms into this one!

  9. Nice prose and poem. I hope you recover quickly and completely, and predict that, when you least expect them, the words will come gushing. Be well.

  10. Recovery after an illness can take a very long time… was it covid?

  11. I can relate to words slipping from your grasp, it’s a strange feeling. I hope you feel well soon.


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