For the d’Verse quadrille prompt “for whom the bell tolls“:


The bluebells are tardy this year.
Although perhaps I misjudge them,
perhaps they are just cautious –
perhaps, having seen the fate of the tulips,
those princesses reduced to muddied rags –
perhaps they are just waiting for the storms to pass.




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19 responses to “bluebells

  1. Oh aye. Could be a long wait, eh?

  2. from the earth
    visual mirths

  3. Lyrical simplicity. Beautiful, Kate.

  4. I’m so happy that you have written a bluebell quadrille, Kate! I’m very fond of them. I love the idea of cautious bluebells that have seen the tulips’ fate, ‘those princesses reduced to muddied rags’. But as you say, ‘perhaps they are just waiting for the storms to pass’.

  5. I love your cautious bluebells. I almost wrote about them too, a fav. flower.

  6. Ya never know with bluebells. Nicely done. 🙂

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