cog, oil, spanner?

Are you happy to be
a brick in the wall?
That would be dull, but,
at worst you could fall.
Or would you rather be,
a cog in the machine,
going round and round.
A repeating scene.
Or what about
the oil that’s flowing,
between the cogs,
to keep it all going?
Or the fuel being burnt,
down in the furnace,
sure that your sacrifice
serves a great purpose?

What other choices
does the machine proffer?

A sabot or a spanner,
are still there on offer.


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9 responses to “cog, oil, spanner?

  1. A fascinating series of choices. None sounds ideal. Perhaps it’s time to go electric. Choose between magnets, wires, pulsing electrodes… the flow. Or break free. I grew up with Pink Floyd’s album “The Wall”. Still love it. Your opening line in your poem reminded me of it. I have a poem brewing about the kinds of prisons we are in. I think lockdown brings such thoughts to the foreground.

    • Yes! The first lines were very much from “the Wall”. I love that album too. The whole poem started with musings on teaching, and being part of the wall. And the idea that students are customers – except they’re not, they’re the product, society is the customer. So then I must be part of the machine…
      I’m looking forward to your poem about prisons. We’re just over half-way through quarantine, and it’s odd – not really like being in prison because we have so much space around us. More like being in hiding out here, like criminals holing up. And ready to turn on each other.

      • A weird conundrum – the student one. Customer or product? A strange sort of shop for that to be confusing. Education should be about breaking down walls. Good luck with the rest of quarantine. We’re only in lockdown but I see it as a long haul. I’m not convinced Delta is fightable with lockdowns. As far as I’ve heard, they still don’t know where patient zero got it from. I feel like this variant is a road runner… pacing along unseen highways. It’s a nano-war promoting a nanny state. I’m not complaining. Rather nanny state than a situation like the US last year.

        • Rather a nanny state than Sydney…
          I do think hard lockdowns can work, because if people aren’t near each other it can’t be transmitted. But they have to be hard, and everyone has to cooperate. And you have to vaccinate everyone before you let them out to protect the few that can’t (as distinct from won’t) be vaccinated. The bullshit “lockdown light” that Sydney did, putting economics ahead of health, can’t work. I’m gonna stop before I go into full rant mode…

  2. Lol. Yes I was avoiding rant mode too.

  3. I absolutely love that one!!! πŸ˜€ Great social commentary.πŸ˜œπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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