0500 December 30th, tachycardia

The rooster sounds reveille, but I am already awake
and swimming upwards from a dream of drowning
into bathwater-warm air, saturated with the night’s breaths.
At least in my dream the water was cool.

Sinking back, submerging again into sleep
the flickering in my chest, in my scalp, pulls me up.
Morning meds, a glance at the sky, and back to bed.
Nightmares are a side effect, supposedly,
but I long to sink back into dreams.

The rooster has woken the magpies, their songs flow –
silver streams, winding and twining through
a dawn of grey freshwater pearl,
leading me back to cool waters.



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13 responses to “0500 December 30th, tachycardia

  1. Excellent prose, but then, I’m not surprised. You are an excellent writer.

  2. Oh very nice! I love the last stanza

  3. one forty five am
    oh me oh my
    call the cop
    and only then did they stop~

  4. As always, you bring a smile to my face. As I begin my 82nd year shortly, I find myself focusing more on finding the hidden pathway of peacefulness and solitude and turning away from the worn, dusty roadway the herd follows every day. Thank you!

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