casting nasturtiums

We finally got a decent frost and it’s killed off a bathtub full of nasturtiums. So I pulled them all out this afternoon and threw them to the chooks, who were very happy to have them.

Cookies and Cream, sweet as a dream
but rarely ever an egg between.
Ninja’s a handsome Australorp hen,
she used to lay well, but that was then…
The same is true for the five misses Brown,
all past their prime, but still hangin’ round.
Then there’s the youngsters; Nigella, Ash,
Smoky and Sooty, always at a dash,
but not to the nesting box, oh no,
that is the one place they never go!
Laverton sleeps through much of the day –
another one that doesn’t lay,
but he’s a cock, that’s his excuse,
for the fact that he’s no earthly use.
Then there’s Nigel, with anger issues,
he’s practicing his rooster jujitsu.
But he’s doing that instead of his duty,
he just don’t seem keen on chicken booty.
But sadly for my poor old chooks,
Werribee (drake) does like their looks.
Then last of all there’s the five ugly birds,
too young to tell yet, but I’m praying they’re girls.

Although you may think my assessment hard,
when I’m casting nasturtiums in the poultry yard
they all come running when I open the door,
and scoff them down and ask for more.


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17 responses to “casting nasturtiums

  1. Cute as chicken booty!! 😂😂. Them’s quality nasturtiums you’re casting.

  2. That’s chickens for you!

  3. writingwhatnots

    Sounds like you have a coop full of characters there 🙂

  4. You’re a real story teller. Love this enormously. Though I suggest you have a real talk with that rooster. Sleeping on the job? Doesn’t look good. 😃
    Thanks for sharing.

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