“I think… I’m rebelling, sir”

Like Kryten, I’ve painted a picture:
pants down,
A self-portrait,
sans groinal-attachment.

Playing dumb in the face of feedback,
I will not be strapping one on,
to wave about
and say:
Mine’s bigger than his!

My portrait shows only what is,
and only what is of me.

(But invert the image to find,
a portrait of authority.)

Don’t worry,
there’ll be no disruption to service,
I’ll still smile and do all the chores,
I wont hurl soup
raise a finger,
then ride away.
probably not, anyway…

But I’m happier now
“I think… I’m rebelling, sir”


I’ve finished the first draft of my promotion application, my self-portrait, without using the word impact at all – a little “beauty face” filtering, yes,  but no strap-on groinal attachment.    

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