success couching

We’ll get us a success coach
to train up our success
he’ll pump us up with slogans
until we are the bestest.
He’ll elevate our excellence
right up to the sky!
And as the gas comes whooshing out
our excellence will fly!

I composed that this morning on the school run, as part of my recovery process after yesterday’s strategic planning meeting. But of course you can’t shouldn’t write and drive, so I got my youngest to scribe for me. When I got to work and looked at what she’d written, the first line said “We’ll get us a success couch“. Maybe (okay, probably) it was a spelling error, or maybe she’s had an important insight: success isn’t about having a big office, it’s about being happy with what you have…. 

I’ve got me a success couch
where I sit and watch TV,
I know that it’s successful
because it’s so comfy!


Although now that it’s occurred to me, I would like an office with a couch… and an external window…. and… 


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17 responses to “success couching

  1. This made me smile. We’re all looking for the magic combination. Well said.

  2. I’d settle for an office with walls… Another fun one, Kate!

  3. Love it! I think I might start running my posts past my children to gain deeper insight 👍

  4. Love it. I listened to a podcast this morning (yes another -this time a TED talk by a very “successful” gymnastics coach. Her message was “winning isn’t the same as success”. I think your post supports that beautifully. Winning can be destructive in so many ways. And for winning to be the only goal in any scenario is kind of unhealthy.

    • When someone started talking about getting a success coach yesterday I immediately thought of your post on success. 😀
      When I first went back to work part-time after having kids, meetings were often scheduled so I couldn’t get to them. The one down side of a family-friendly workplace is that now almost meetings are scheduled so people like me can get to them… I just hope I don’t get a success coach, it’s hard enough finding time between meetings to get work done.

  5. success as in yes look at me see?
    or as in i met what they think i should do
    or whom i should be
    south side other side of
    sky are you
    sure just why?

  6. This I can relate to so strongly, perfect.

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