leadership training

This organisation wants authentic commitment
(says the overpaid consultant,
to the staff on up-or-out contracts)
we’re relational, flexible, agile and growth oriented!
(one of my team, a single mum,
has just been made redundant)
always be your authentic self
(now we all chant together
our corporate values: ‘Diversity!…’)
how do we make people
put in that discretionary effort?”
(well, we’ll all be working late tonight,
because we’re here instead of getting stuff done…)


Yesterday I attended a leadership training workshop.  I don’t ever want to hear the word authentic (“you keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means) again…  



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9 responses to “leadership training

  1. i dont get your poetry yet but I like your reasons behind the poetry (if that makes sense to you?)

  2. Thanks. 🙂 and yep, that makes sense. One of my colleagues used to have the General Patton quote “lead, follow or get out of the way” on his door. Given a choice, I’d get out of the way.

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  6. Some words are definitely misused, especially by management in the corporate world. Thank you for following Eugi’s Causerie II.

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