If I must deal with shit…

Wreathed in the stench ofshit
insincere mission, vision,
and values statements,
the hypocrisy
of auctioned off integrity,
the arrogant self-aggrandisement,
of impact and influence,
that nurtures nothing,
not even self-worth,
I day-dream of…

…the warm, fermented fragrance
of horse manure,
its water holding
and soil building beneficence.

… the honest pungency,
of chicken shit,
that soil-sweetener,
and nourisher of new growth.

… the curious smoky smell
of llama pellets,
that can conjure greenery
from bare ground.

Let me get out of the way
of the cascade of BS…

Let me stand in a paddock,
sun-warmed, shovelling shit,
day-dreaming of :
leaves unfurling
buds opening
fruit ripening –
real productivity.

If I must deal with shit,
let it be literal.


Does any good ever come of a values statement? Ever? Does anyone look at it and say “oh! I’m supposed to show respect! I never knew that before!”, and then do so?  And don’t obvious absences from the list, like “Integrity”, attract one’s attention like a hole in a tooth? 

And the revelation from the last leadership training session is: “as a leader you are no longer a contributor“.  Well, I guess that’s consistent with my thesis that a Values Statement is not a contribution.   


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7 responses to “If I must deal with shit…

  1. Well put! Don’t ever get stuck on the committee to write any of those. The amount of BS that gets tossed about, only to put something down by the deadline. Yeesh. Even though I am an urbanite I think I’d rather be shoveling with you. 🙂

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