Now,  I’ve turned down your emotions,
to prevent future commotions.
And I’ve increased your ambition –
that should help with your condition.
Just one more gentle correction
to your systematic misperceptions…

(Is it too late to retreat?)

“There. All done! Upgrade complete.”

Not one tear drips down my face
(or, rather, shiny metal case)
because I’ve got a new normality,
a better fit to (whose?) reality.


I was going to write another rant here, about women in STEM and the need to be one of the boys to be accepted: never show emotion, never get angry, never ask for help…  but be sure to balance that against the risk of stereotype backlash if you dare act as assertively as a man, because then you’re an aggressive… Okay, so just a small rant then.

And a thank you to ‘the light is on’  (love the blog) – this was also triggered by knife’s edge and the Unabomber quote… see what happens when STEM academics lose it….?  


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