labour of love

Written for the dVerse quadrille Monday prompt “learn to labor or labor to learn“, 44 words exactly, including the word work (and dedicated to my darling twin boys and my husband who I didn’t listen to):

three years of hoping
nine months of waiting
twenty hours of labour
(two panadol)
two thousand loads of washing
twenty thousand meals
for two lumps on the couch
grunting and picking their pimples.

You were right dear,
a dog would’ve been less work.



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17 responses to “labour of love

  1. Only two Panadol?! 😁
    Bravo 👏
    Smashing poem x

  2. the word? gestation hesitations and manifestations.

  3. Made me smile. My daughter will be going through all that again in November.

  4. Yes, a dog sure sounds way better!

  5. Kate, I wish you could have seen my smile on the first part that grew to a cackling by the second part. Blessed be the Rugrats and the journeys they take us on ❤

  6. Kate,
    This made my laugh. How real you are being here.

  7. And all that for the grunting and pimples. You made me smile

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