clackety-click, what’s that in the attic?

in the dusty darkness
and cob-webbed quiet of the attic
with nought but the resident mouse
to bear witness
to their mechanical trysts,
the typewriters have multiplied –
and now they lurk in their dozens
their presence betrayed only
by an occasional
nocturnal tapping


Written for the dVerse Monday quadrille prompt, “what’s your type?“, and for my husband who collects typewriters and hides them in the roof-space where there is now a large colony of them.     



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32 responses to “clackety-click, what’s that in the attic?

  1. that is terrific – not just the quadrille, but also the idea of a colony of typewriters living independently in the attic. do you have any sagging ceilings under the weight of them?

  2. A surreal horror poem. It would make a great short story. I enjoyed this.

  3. Made me smile 🙂 People collect the strangest things and have no use for them. I like the idea of the typewrites conversing with one another.

  4. the ribbon
    black ink
    inda thinks

  5. Just like Flowers in the Attic, the old typewriters are locked away! Well done.

  6. Love the idea that the tapping in the attic is from a colony of typewriters! 😊

  7. Ohhhhh! I LOVE old typewriters, and want at least three of them! 🙂
    I love the idea of there being ghostwriters up there, clackety-clicking away.

  8. Enjoyed your imagery of old typewriters in the attic!

  9. Fun but kind of chilling at the same time. Have you tried putting paper in them to see what they are saying?

  10. This is both cute but also kinda sad, Kate… all those old typewriters, essentially abandoned…


  11. A colony. Wow. Some day those might come in handy. I hope.
    Lovely words here. I like them.

  12. How wonderfully whimsical! Wonder what pest control would make of it.

  13. I like this creepy idea, very Stephen King-ish.

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