ragged edge

For the dVerse poetics prompt “sometimes August isn’t recognised“:


August is uncertain of itself –
a ragged edge between the
winter still in the air and trees,
and the spring pushing up through the ground.
Narcissus and wattle
sweeten and powder the air,
their unexpected bursts of yellow
shocking against the greys and browns
that we have become accustomed to.
We have even forgotten that the skeletal trees
silhouetted against the blue sky
were ever heavy with fruit or leaves,
but we can still imagine the clouds
of blossom they will soon bear.


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11 responses to “ragged edge

  1. Lovely! Those first 3 lines totally sold me.

  2. An in between time, then. Great. Spring is near then. Loved this poem, Kate. xoxo

  3. flower at water s edge
    looking preen
    on by itself thus seen

  4. sanaarizvi

    This is absolutely stunning in its rendition ❤️❤️ I especially love; “the unexpected bursts of yellow.” 😍 Thank you so much for writing to the prompt!

  5. The ragged edge of Summer! I love that description.

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