salt for sore eyes

It was my fault.
I chose the wrong seat,
making it inevitable
that you sat next to me,
mere inches away.
It could have been worse,
at least you were not opposite,
where I could not have avoided
such a salt for sore eyes.


A second quadrille for the dVerse “let’s get salty” Monday prompt.


Filed under poem

18 responses to “salt for sore eyes

  1. I like the tension in this! 💖

  2. The saline solution! Love it.

  3. very cleverly rendered image, Kate ❤


  4. De Jackson

    Ohhhh. Yep. I’ve been there! There are just certain people you hope to never see again, especially not eye-to-eye.

  5. I once drove 2000km with someone in uncomfortable silence after throwing his cassette out the window. I feel bad about littering still.

  6. Bad seating choices can really be a bummer!

  7. Ain

    A tense situation rendered so literary in your verse…

  8. writingwhatnots

    Neatly done Kate.

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