SNR < 1 & F(net) = 0

For the dVerse quadrille prompt “static“. A quadrille has exactly 44 words, and must include the prompt word, in this case static, or some form of it.

Some nights, sleep rises like static,
drowning out the clamouring signals
that can’t be stilled –
those remains of the day
that we cling-wrap and freeze,
to (we intend) reheat tomorrow.
Better ignore them, until,
desiccated beyond recognition,
they can be quietly thrown away.


And a second quick one, because I teach statics and couldn’t resist:

Sum-over-F equals zero,
that’s all that you need to know.
But remember that F is a vector, okay,
so that zero’s in every which way.
And choose your coordinates wisely,
so your maths will come out more kindly.
And that’s statics in 44 words!

next, dynamics… but that needs more than 44 words. 


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20 responses to “SNR < 1 & F(net) = 0

  1. So when you write your next physics text, will you introduce each section with a poem? 😁 It would definitely raise the level of interest in physics (and not cause the friction to stop that interest). 😜 Very nice, Kate!

  2. Delightful poetry… on both counts!

  3. “…those remains of the day that we cling-wrap and freeze, to (we intend) reheat tomorrow…” What a great recreation of nighttime self evaluation… poignant but so true. ❤

  4. stones and the rain came down yet again
    shin pain
    and sun and rain
    oh my!

  5. I think Mechanics (Statics and Dynamic) was my first engineering course, but I have long forgotten those formulas.

  6. That was academic…clever..

  7. Wow! You have my respect!😲

  8. I really enjoyed both of these….the comparison of leftover food to leftover days and the second was clever and entertaining.

  9. Really? You teach statics? What a coincidence, Kate 😀


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