small hours

Written for the dVerse Monday quadrille prompt “morning has broken“:


spores of self-doubt grow
and spread into a mycelium,
enmeshing every cell,
blooming into twisted,
pointing fingers
here, on the wrong side of the morning,
hearing the first 4am cock-crows,
I count the hours
until daylight flows from the sky
washing away the night


A quadrille is exactly 44 words, and for the prompt the quadrille must include the word morning.  


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25 responses to “small hours

  1. The wrong side of morning is very relatable

  2. fire up knoplers 5 15 am to be followed by boom like that.

  3. a germ
    now you know
    you are one for your show

  4. Wonderful atmospheric piece, Kate. Those wee hours when nothing good is afoot.

  5. I love the phrase ‘the other side of morning.’ Compelling!

  6. A big fan of your writing, Kate.

  7. I like your opening lines,
    “spores of self-doubt grow
    and spread into a mycelium,
    enmeshing every cell,”
    and “the wrong side of morning.”
    You have captured a feeling in this poem that resonates.
    Take good care.

  8. I like the poeticism of this. But number II has huge punch. That might be partly because I read it first. I really felt the fear in II. So glad your diagnosis isn’t worrying and hope you settle into the beta blockers. My husband has been on beta blockers for 20 years or more. He only takes half a tablet a day. It works well for him.

    • I wouldn’t say it isn’t worrying, but it could be a lot worse. 🙂
      I’m only on half a tablet a day as well, but it’s messing with my sleep. My heart rate drops, then my blood oxygen drops, then I get weird flickering feelings in my chest and head that jerk me awake. Hopefully I’ll get used to it. Great that it’s working for your husband.

  9. I know the wrong side of mornings well

  10. “The wrong side of the morning”–I like that, can relate!

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