sea cravings / 100 miles inland II

Some mornings,
waking to hear the wind in the trees
roaring like breakers,
I smell the sea,
until the sun warms the trees
infusing eucalyptus into the tepid-tea air,
reminding me
that we are one hundred miles inland.
Yet still salt calls to salt.

Written for the dVerse Monday quadrille prompt, “let’s get salty” – 44 words exactly, using the word salt. 


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18 responses to “sea cravings / 100 miles inland II

  1. oooooooh this is really lovely. It’s a gem… perfectly formed.

  2. I can almost hear the echo and ring of the sea in this, Kate – beautiful!

  3. Rob Kistner

    I came Kate, I read, great work my friend — but I am not well. Be back soon.

  4. nice
    for me the hendrix blues
    hear my train a coming
    far in the distant
    a test
    a sound of yester years

  5. Beautiful! I loved the ending line “yet salt calls out to salt”, it makes for a rather punchy ending,don’t you think? 🙂

  6. De Jackson

    “salt calls to salt”
    YES. Just exactly this. Perhaps this is why the sea calls to me, like a siren. Love it.

  7. I think if you have tasted the sea you will always feel it even a hundred miles away.

  8. writingwhatnots

    Imaginary or real – smells are powerful triggers.

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