a rabbit in my chest

For the dVerse Monday haibun prompt “Summer“, let me tell you about my day….


A trip to the GP turns into an afternoon in the Goulburn ED. A triage nurse takes my history and some blood, then runs an ECG as we chat about how hard it’s been for nurses during covid, how good the change of government is for women, about #MeToo and wonder “you too?”. Then I wait again, until someone else comes to take me for a CT scan.
First some saline through the canula and a cool tingle rushes through my chest triggering another thump. Then I am waiting as the machine whirrs, and tells me: “take a breath and hold it… now breathe normally”. It is hard to breathe normally on command. Then the iodine solution is pumped in and there is a rush of heat to my face and between my legs and a strange taste in my mouth. Again, I take a breath and hold it on command as the machine whirrs.
Dressed again, though still speckled with ECG electrodes and with the canula in my arm, I wait again until a doctor calls me through. The tests have all come back clear. So the chest pain? …likely pleurisy, long covid. The thumping beat, like a rabbit kicking? “yes, I heard it – ectopic ventricular beats”, tentatively “are you still… regular? Given your age…”.

Autumn inside me,
no summer heat flush, just a
rabbit in my chest


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33 responses to “a rabbit in my chest

  1. That haiku is fabulous. Sounds like a potentially scary afternoon. Glad all the tests were clear. ❤

    • It was scary. I didn’t know palpitations were a symptom of pre-menopause, and I haven’t had any other symptoms. I think. I did ask my husband if he thought I’d been moody and he looked frightened and changed the subject. 😀

  2. A great haibun. Glad your tests came back clear! Aging is no picnic!

  3. sprung
    rabbit or hare
    what do we care?!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Eek, that phrase – ‘given your age’! Pleased to hear nothing nasty was found.

  5. WELL this Haibun is absolutely amazing. I am thrilled to know you are OK, whatever age you happen to be! LOL

  6. Beautiful haibun, and great haiku 🙂

  7. “Given your age?” What a thing to say to a patient! I’m glad to hear your tests came back and you’re doing okay. ❤

  8. Good to know you are fine, Kate. ❤️
    Goodness knows what complications covid has wreaked.
    That haiku is great.

  9. Lovely bed side manners 🤣

    • He was very sweet. Not a patch on my endocrinologist.
      Kate: “are there side effects of this medication that I should worry about?”
      DrW: “If you don’t take it you’ll die, so there’s no point worrying about side effects”.
      I can’t understand why he got some bad reviews. 😀
      I found him refreshingly honest, and unlike most medical practitioners he was punctual. Probably no one wanted a long appointment with him.

      • They should put that on the bottle 😂
        Take one with meals or die.
        A concise doctor can be a comfort I’m sure.
        I remember a doctor googling the answer to a question a asked. In front of me! Did not inspire confidence 🤣
        I’ve never had a punctual doctor. Truly you found a medical unicorn!

  10. Poked, prodded, scanned, stereotyped, all for the sake of a haibun. Well, a very good haibun. Glad you’re “of that age” and not seriously ill. And – hey! – the rabbit didn’t die, either! 🙂

  11. M

    dang. my sister has been awaiting for additional tests for her unexplained extreme fatigue. A-fib has been ruled out. She is extremely active (yoga teacher, professional landscape gardener) and so this intersection with the medical community (US) has been both unwelcome and unsatisfactory. I hope yours is much the opposite.

    And, the poem rocks ~

    • I know waiting times for non-urgent surgery in Australia can be long, and a lot of psychologists have waiting lists of months, but anything considered emergency is quick. And free. In fact most hospital treatment is free, unless you have health insurance.
      My GP sent me to the local ED and within minutes I’d had an ECG and blood test, and in not much more than an hour a CT scan. I’m glad we have medicare in Australia, from what I’ve heard of the US system we’re a lot better off. My GP doesn’t bulk bill (charge only the government funded fee), so I was out of pocket about $40 for him after the medicare rebate, but everything else was quick and free, and the hospital staff were all lovely. From what I’ve heard of the US health system we’re a lot better off.

    • I hope your sister is okay. ❤

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