“sod off, ya evil bastards”

The Tuesday dVerse prompt was to write about corvids. In Australia, our only corvids are the crows and ravens. Our lovely native magpies and charming choughs are not corvids (not related to the northern hemisphere varieties), so that just left me with my least-favourite birds to write about. 


Even in the sunlight they are silhouettes,
croaking their curse-calls, their protest
at the wire and netting spread to protect
the hens who cluster in maternal distress.
These black cardboard cut-outs in the trees,
these are the chick-killers and these the egg-thieves
I shout and throw a stone to scatter these.
Let them search instead for a carrion feast.


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20 responses to ““sod off, ya evil bastards”

  1. Gee, if I didn’t know any better, I would say you didn’t like these birds. 😆

  2. laughing here (as I’m sure are the ravens).

  3. Rob Kistner

    The little buggers are relentless, that’s for bloody sure Kate…

  4. Not your favourite bird, then?

  5. “card board cut outs” a brilliant image.

  6. Love “chick-killers” and the “egg-thieves”. Enjoyed this, Kate! 🙂 And a very fitting title too.

  7. Not your favourite birds then?

  8. I think you would list them right beside foxes as your least favourite animals

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