where did summer go?

The Thursday dVerse “meeting the bar with the Constanza” challenge was to write a series of at least 5 three line stanzas with the rhyme scheme a/b/b, a/c/c, … in which the first lines form a poem in their own right, which is then placed at the end. Oh, and it has to be in iambic tetrameter as well.  Ummm…. okay, here goes:  


We watched the summer come and go,
the fields turn green with summer rain,
then gold with ripening of the grain.

Now bright leaves fall from the gingko,
to reds and browns they add their gilt
as autumn lays her patchwork quilt.

Against blue sky, bare branches show
and a half-moon peers through their net
at pigeons roosting in silhouette.

Flocks of autumn carrion crows
scrounge fields now brown and stubble-strewn.
The winter’s chill comes all too soon,

so while we wait for winter’s snow,
we’ll fill the woodshed to its beams
to give us warmth for winter dreams.

Now build the fire, and in its glow
dream of spring and a greening land
and plan the next spring’s plantings, and

ask ourselves, where did summer go?
In just a moment it was past.
But briefly too will winter last.

We watched the summer come and go,
now bright leaves fall from the gingko.
Against blue sky, bare branches show
flocks of autumn carrion crows.
So while we wait for winter’s snow.
build up the fire, and in its glow
ask ourselves, where did summer go?


I’ve followed Björn’s  lead in going for a seasonal theme – autumn for us down here in the southern hemisphere. Unfortunately I haven’t taken a photo of the gingko trees on campus which have turned brilliant yellow, but here are the pigeons in silhouette, against a typically blue Canberra winter sky with the moon peeking through the branches. 


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23 responses to “where did summer go?

  1. It’s like it turned from summer to winter in a week in Tassie! Love your poem 🙂

  2. your fall my spring
    dirt and cement
    every damn darn thaing

  3. I love it… and the hope that winter will just pass… Sometimes winter can be fine as well… but when you are passing from fall into winter it can feel especially hard.

    • I’m enjoying winters more after the bushfire summers a couple of years ago. 🙂 And it is nice to settle in early in the evening sometimes, and not be woken by light and rooster so early.

  4. Wonderfully done and beautifully pictured, Kate! 🙂

  5. Love this capture, Kate, of the lead up to winter. And yes, how often, do we ask ourselves where did the summer go?

  6. I miss the autumn season but I am loving our new season right now. Love your poetry form and theme – longing for summer, I can relate.

  7. Love the transitioning of autumn to winter. It is peak summer here and your words brought respite from the heat. 🙂

  8. sanaarizvi

    💝💝💝… I am literally swooning right now 😀 This is a fantastic poem!!

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