fair is a four letter word

For the dVerse Monday quadrille (poem in 44 words exactly) prompt “let’s go to the fair” (include the word fair): 


“It’s not fair, I’m not tired yet!”
“It’s not fair, vegetables are disgusting!”
“It’s not fair, showers are boring!”
“It’s not fair, everyone else has that game!”

“Why are you so unfair?” 

From the mouth of a child,
fair is a four letter word.


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28 responses to “fair is a four letter word

  1. Hah! It certainly is- well done.

  2. forestbathing hermit

    Haha! Well….

  3. Enjoyed a hearty chuckle: golly, what parent doesn’t know this!

  4. It really does seem that way at times! Well done.

  5. Wow. Speaking as the father of a nearly-seven-year-old, you are correct, Kate!


    • I don’t mind my kids swearing at home, as long as it’s not at someone. But one of my 13 year-olds in particular is not allowed to say the word “fair” anymore. He occasionally reads my blog, I wonder if he will see this and realise it’s (mostly) about him. 😀

  6. Fair enough! A lovely take on the prompt.

  7. No fair! You have too much talent!!!

  8. It’s their universal language — sons and grandsons!

  9. Indeed… and alas for too many grown-ups too.

  10. sanaarizvi

    I absolutely agree! It seems to be their utmost favorite thing to say 😀

  11. Brilliant. I must remember that.

  12. Fortunately, in the majority of cases at least, it doesn’t last.

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