there’s a word for that

Tuesday’s dVerse challenge, “there’s a word for that“, was to indulge our sesquipedalianism and write a poem using a selection from a list of interesting words. Thanks for the vocabulary lesson Mish! 


Burbling through another gin and tonic,
unconcerned at my own inanity
he yet remains aloof, laconic,
to the verge of inhumanity.
I’m munificent in my legolepsy
but he’s securely wrapped in his sang-froid!
If only he’d take the first step, he
could overcome his isolophilia.
A single scintilla is all I ask
a single clue to this masculine puzzle
but his silence renders it a hopeless task
and leaves me severely, verbosely bumfuzzled.
Is he just quiet or is he timorous?
Or has he slipped into dormiveglia
lulled by my words’ gentle susurrus?
Is he my ikigai, could it be that we are
meant to be, and this is my soul mate?
Have I found my love on “Aussie first dates”?


From the list:

burble, laconic, legolepsy, sang-froid, isolophilia, scintilla, bumfuzzle (love that one!), timorous, dormiveglia, susurrus, ikigai. 



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13 responses to “there’s a word for that

  1. Dear Kate,

    Well done, witty and almost perfectly rhymed!

    Yours sincerely,

  2. Oh my, I didn’t expect that ending! 😀 An entertaining mix of many of the words.

  3. Love it, Kate! Very effective and entertaining use of the words!

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