in your eyes?

For dVerse Tuesday poetics “after St Valentine left the building“, poems about lost loves, the what ifs, and never could have beens….


I wonder if you remember
that moment when we stopped talking
and (for me)
the sky, the grass, the pavement,
just melted away
(like a corny special effect,
but for real)
and all I saw was your eyes,
for that moment that lasted
just one heart-beat to the next
and forever.

Until, interrupted,
(did I blush?
I know I babbled gormlessly)
the moment was gone.

(I’m lying,
it wasn’t gone –
I wrapped it up carefully,
and tucked it into my pocket
for safe-keeping).

I will never ask,
what if you don’t remember?
Or, worse, you wondered why
I was staring at you.

As long as I don’t ask
I can imagine
that you still have that moment
tucked into your pocket too.


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9 responses to “in your eyes?

  1. I love the uncertainty here. I guess we never really quite know what’s going on in someone else’s mind – or heart. The language is simple, but that central image of keeping a moment tucked away is so lovely. It’s a very approachable poem, balancing the personal and the universa.

  2. This is beautiful, Kate

  3. Ain

    How quickly things can turn, sadness can grow..this poem is so poignant, and so relevant, written in beautiful style…

  4. Such moments are special and deserve to be treasured, even if they ‘only’ give us poetry…

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