a clover for Worms

This is for Worms, and for the dVerse novelinee challenge:

Sometimes among the green, something… stands out,
an imperfection, something that’s not right,
an extra leaf that bends the shape about.
That symmetry – it catches at my sight…
And here it is, four lobes instead of three.
Whatever luck it holds, I give to you,
save it, use it, whatever your will be.
You don’t believe in luck? But is that true?
Regardless what you say, I still believe
you will make better use of it than me.

A clover for Worms, until she finds her own.  🙂 

A novelinee has 9 lines, should be written in iambic pentameter and have an ABABCDCDD rhyming scheme. 


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28 responses to “a clover for Worms

  1. Awww!! Thanks, Kate! ❤️❤️🥰. My best online gift ever!! You’re so lovely!

    • You’re welcome Worms 🙂 I really liked your clover poem, but it made me feel a bit guilty for picking 4 leaf clovers when I find them 😀

      • I had no intention of causing bad feeling. 🙂. I have become a photo collector rather than picking things up. But I very much appreciate and am touched by your sweet poem and photo.

        • You didn’t cause bad feeling – just made me stop and think. I’ve seen people picking great bunches of the paper daisies planted in the median strip of the federal highway and felt outraged, but maybe me picking the four leaf clovers in the park isn’t much different – just less obvious. 🙂 I’m still going to do it though, because I don’t actually think anyone would notice any difference in the case of picking four leaf clovers.

  2. Awwwwww…..


    P.S. you guys are too cute!

  3. Loved this novelinee – a wonderful read from start to finish and the message is pure charm – thank you – and for joining in with the prompt

  4. A thoughtful gift! 🧡

  5. writingwhatnots

    That’s so sweet – lucky Worms 😊

  6. This is just so beautiful: both that you wrote your poem in response to ‘Worms’ poem, and that genuine wish of luck for another person really comes shining through. Lovely on so many levels 🙂

  7. I will make good of that gift, Kate. Thank you. In turn, I wish you miracles.

    Be well. Stay sweet.

  8. Aww! This is so good. Such a befitting gift. I loved Worms verse, I love yours. ❤️

  9. brought back memories of searching for such clovers in adolescence, I’ll restart

    • good! I hope you find some!
      I never really did stop looking – it’s a habit, whenever I’m somewhere with clover patches to stroll and look. I find the different symmetry really makes them stand out without having to bend down and look. Which is important now I’m older and bending down much is getting harder on the back. 😀

  10. Maybe the best luck we can have is the ability to share our own.

  11. You brought a smile to my face on this rather drizzly morn. Thank you!

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