Sunday morning ha’sonnet – “live free or die”

Live free or die
sounds heroic,
but please for my
sake be stoic –
don’t make me ask,
put on your mask.
Don’t choose for me.

I’ve been catching up on reading this morning, and have come across a few posts from the US about COVID, and an interesting comment on one blog that the reluctance of people to wear masks, isolate, etc in the US is about “Freedom”. And now it makes more sense to me what is going on there. Years ago I visited a friend in New Hampshire, where the number plates have “live free or die” on them as the state motto. And he told me that lots of people take their seatbelts off as they cross the state border. And I was “wtf?!? are you serious?” I guess this is the same thing – an assertion of freedom. But just like with seatbelts, it’s not just about your own safety, but everyone else in the vehicle. Stay safe my friends in the states… and I hope Sydney people, as we potentially come into a third wave here, stay put and wear their masks too! 


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7 responses to “Sunday morning ha’sonnet – “live free or die”

  1. it really is about caring for ourselves and protecting each other … are you from SYdney Kate?

    Nice to meet you 🙂

  2. I wondered about your title. Very nicely put. Unfortunately the Live free or die attitude has far too much play here. Several of the LFOD flags were carried on the attack on our Capitol building in January. While there are some idiots (when it comes to COVID) where I live, my town has the road warning signs at the edges reminding people to wear masks, and for a couple weeks said “WEAR THE DAMN MASK”.

    • I think the emphasis on “freedom to” at the expense of “freedom from” in the US is very strong. In Australia, the balance is more the other way around. Like almost no-one refuses to wear a mask. I whole heartedly agree with WEAR THE DAMN MASK.

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