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a clover for Worms

This is for Worms, and for the dVerse novelinee challenge:

Sometimes among the green, something… stands out,
an imperfection, something that’s not right,
an extra leaf that bends the shape about.
That symmetry – it catches at my sight…
And here it is, four lobes instead of three.
Whatever luck it holds, I give to you, Continue reading


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hereby dragonflies

For the dVerse prompt “dungeons and derivatives“:

Nothing comes from nothing,
there is no spontaneous generation.
Poems grow from words in waiting,
that swim beneath the surface
like nymphs in a pond. Continue reading


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grooved (or otherwise)

The dVerse Monday quadrille challenge was to use the word groove or a variation in a poem of exactly 44 words:

We fitted together
like tongue and groove.
We slotted in place
and never moved.
Which was fine for a while
until the rains fell, Continue reading


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Sinking further into the mud
with every effort to escape,
she is trapped,
lying on her side,
muzzle barely above the water.
She lies for hours
before help arrives.

But how to drag
near a ton of horse
from the treacherous drying dam? Continue reading


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off to the ag store

For the dVerse prompt “Oral Poetry“, I went for a nursery rhyme (sort of) theme…

Off to the ag store, jiggety-jig,
Off to the ag store for food for the pig,
She started off small, but got very big,
Now I’m off to the ag store for food for the pig! Continue reading


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home teaching/learning

For the dVerse Monday haibun, “back to school“:

It’s Tuesday morning of the semester break, and I’m in the bedroom working on my online lectures and tutes: particle and rigid body kinematics and kinetics. In the background my husband is yelling at the kids – “supporting their online schooling” in the kitchen. Continue reading


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not to be… (a soliloquy)

So the Thursday dVerse MTB challenge was to write a soliloquy poem, including some clear examples of poetic devices. I thought, and I talked to myself and decided…. “nah, I got nothin’…” 

If there is to be
A soliloquy
I need to know
What say to me… Continue reading


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Tuesday’s dVerse prompt was to write an acrostic or a poem inspired by puzzles. I’ve never gotten into crosswords personally…

Crosswords are, apparently,
Recommended for the brain
Or some other mental activity
So our sanity’s maintained.
Some enjoy them, that is true,
Well, they’re fine, but not me.
Other puzzles bring me pleasure –
Round here we’re much more mathsy!
Division and times-tables,
Some algebra and graphing –

Numeracy’s enabled, and
Our puzzles keep us laughing.

But this prompt did make me smile, because on the weekend I spent a couple of hours creating puzzle-clues for my kids to do treasure hunts. The kids were bored with being in quarantine so I found some chocolate tucked away and sent them on an out-of-season Easter hunt. Some of the clues were word puzzles, including one combined crossword + jumble, but many were maths-based because the little one is learning long division and times-tables, and the twins are doing algebra and graphs in online schooling.  


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For the dVerse Monday quadrille prompt “heart”:


At the heart of the matter is “Freedom”
But there is a choice of prepositions:
{speak freely; bear arms; move freely and assemble together}
{racial vilification; being caught in the crossfire; the spread of disease}
How many hearts has freedom TO broken?


I’m taking my teenagers and myself for our second covid test tomorrow, because they’re close contacts in a growing cluster. In the meantime people are dying and there are protests going on in Sydney and Melbourne, with people holding placards reading “freedom”. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between freedom and selfishness.  


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the tiger and the persimmon

A retelling of the Korean folktale “the tiger and the persimmon” in kasa form, for the dVerse prompt from Sanaa “Poetics – Exploring the realm of Korean Literature (first stop, Seoul)“:

Tiger comes, black stripes flitting
Between the pines, hunger rumbling.

Down the mountain, golden gingko,
Ginger stripes, flicker faster.

Tiger comes, tail twitching
Above the grass, to the village. Continue reading


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