winter melts

Winter lies sadly melting in the sink.
An ice-blue sky reduced to an anonymous puddle
in a plastic zip-lock bag.
And for what?
To make way for bargain priced minced meat.
“I’m sorry” I say to the little one,
who just shrugs.
And for a moment I consider telling her:
“It remembers what it was. Water remembers.”
But I do not say it,
because she is not so little anymore,
and would just roll her eyes and say “muuummm”
at such sappy Disney bullshit.
She accepts that snow must make way
for ‘reduced to clear’ minced meat.
And I am sorry for that.

Written for the dVerse prompt “poetics: the blizzard of the self“, to write a poem about winter. I used a bit of poetic licence here, it was actually a bag of hailstones rather than snow that was taken out of the freezer a while ago to make space for ‘reduced to clear’ meat. But snow somehow fitted better with the broader theme than giant hailstones which are themselves due to climate change.



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20 responses to “winter melts

  1. Brave images here. This one made me think, and I love when a poem does that.

  2. “It remembers what it was. Water remembers.” And it does! What a great line, Kate, and a relatively painless way to teach your young one a lesson.

  3. Such good writing, captivating.

  4. Winter like a child’s innocence, is fleeting. Very creative take. Thanks for sharing, Kate. 🙂

  5. The first line was fire….Loved the poem 👍👍👍

  6. I love that opening line, Kate, and indeed the whole poem!

  7. sanaarizvi

    This is gorgeously rendered, Kate! Climate change can be such a challenge sometimes. I relate to; “She accepts that snow must make way for ‘reduced to clear’ minced meat.” Thank you so much for writing to the prompt 💘💘

  8. I really love this one, such a different southern hemisphere view on snow in summer, and I can imagine hurting water this way too in summer.

  9. Love this, Kate. Such a nice reflection on childhood, the passing of time, nostalgia… all sorts of things. And like others have said, I love the concept of water remembering and I too love that first line.

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