1100 3rd January, Goulburn pool

Blue above, blue below
(although different;
cobalt above, turquoise below)
following my rippling shadow one way,
(so at least I assume)
being followed by it in return
in a
(so I imagine/hope/pretend)
dignified and stately breast-stroke –
how the queen, perhaps,
would proceed down the pool.
(Although that shadow below
could well belong to a matronly bullfrog.
The queen would have had it removed).

Head above water
I can perform my maternal vigilance –
two are playing,
one is swimming towards me,
in his own variation on the Australian crawl
(“the boy is angry at the water”).

A row of ducks
(without my spectacles,
this is an educated guess)
proceeds in state along the edge.
Children, laughing, encourage them in,
but the lifeguard shoos them away,
unlike the children,
(although more likely they just don’t care)
that the reality of swimming with ducks
involves duck shit in the pool.



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6 responses to “1100 3rd January, Goulburn pool

  1. This is such an enjoyable read, Kate. I love the references to the Queen (especially of her having her shadow removed).

  2. I love ducks, but they are indeed messy creatures.

  3. Margaret Elizabeth Bednar

    Bravo! I adore everything about this poem. I read it three times and am a new follower through email. You are starting out the New Year with a bang!

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